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A creative website design and development agency based in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.
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Creating Engaging, User Friendly Websites

Good website design starts with some clear goals and objectives. What is the purpose of your website? What exactly do you want it to do? Once we work that out, we can have some fun turning your dreams into reality. It’s not all about clever coding and fancy features, it’s about delivering a really great experience for your users that they can engage with. We’ve over 20 years experience building websites that are:

  • User Friendly – Often overlooked, but a simple user friendly website that is easy to use will always outperform a super fancy feature led website that nobody can figure out what to do with.
  • Built To Convert – Whether you are trying to get people to buy your products or call for a service getting users to convert to customers is an art and a science.
  • Designed With Your Brand In Mind – Your website is an extension of your brand and as such both the written and visual content needs to align with your brand guidelines.
  • Feature Led– We can turn any idea you have into reality, our expertise is making them user friendly, they should be so simple our mum’s could use them.
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

You turned our scribbles, thoughts and random ideas into the most beautiful website imaginable, thank you!

Our current clients will happily tell you about their experiences with us. We’ll be glad to show you websites we’ve developed and the results they have achieved.

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Working With Us

We like to keep things pretty simple here at Baked Bean Marketing and as such our sign up process is quick and painless. All our fee’s are set out clearly from the start so you know exactly what you’ll pay and we can normally turn projects around pretty quickly, so get in touch and let us know your requirements and well take it from there.

We’ll encourage you to dream big and listen to your project requirements.
We put a plan together to achieve your objectives and ROI goals.
We’ll deliver that plan with no hassle and no fuss, easy right?
Who Are WE?

We are pretty straight talking, we don’t talk in jargon and we’ll always give you the benefit of our experience. You aren’t hiring us to be yes men (or women) and if we don’t agree, we’ll tell you. You may not know it, but that is pretty refreshing from a website design agency because most of them just want to keep you happy and not lose you as a client.

Based in Newquay, Cornwall, UK we are a group of dedicated and passionate website designers who have come together to help companies of all sizes and genres create or improve their online presence. We’ve built hundreds of websites over the years and can advise the best software to use for your project based on the experience of actually using it day in, day out.

Website Design In Cornwall