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An SEO company in Cornwall that will get you to the top of the search engines, no hassle, no fuss.
Search Engine Optimisation Cornwall
Over 20 Years SEO Experience

We’re pretty confident with what we do when it comes to SEO, not because we all have enormous ego’s, but because we have over 20 years SEO experience, we’ve been getting people to the top of the search rankings since before Google was even a search engine… anybody remember the Lycos and Excite search engines? Over those 20 years we have developed our own tried and tested techniques for businesses large and small and they have consistently delivered us results time and again. We’d love to put it to work for you too, it’s pretty simple really:

  • We’ll use keyword research to find the search terms that people are actually searching for.
  • We’ll optimise your current website so that each and every page tells the search engines exactly what you want it to rank for.
  • We’ll ensure your content is so good people will want to link to it, and we’ll put together a link building campaign to give those naturally occurring links a little extra help along the way. Think of links from other peoples websites like votes, they wouldn’t link to you if you weren’t good, so a link is like a vote for your website telling the search engines your good at what you do.
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
Within 6 months of working with Baked Bean Marketing they had achieved top 3 rankings for all of the keywords I asked them to get us ranking for!

Our current clients will happily tell you about their experiences with us. We’ll be glad to show you case studies and all of the great work that we’ve done for people with lots and lots of top 3 positions in the search results.

SEO In Cornwall
SEO In Cornwall
How We Work

We like to keep things pretty simple here at Baked Bean Marketing and as such our sign up process is quick and painless. All our fee’s are set out clearly from the start so you know exactly what you’ll pay and we could have you up and running within a week. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements, we’ll do the hard work from there.

We’ll analyse your current website and search rankings.
We put a plan together to achieve your objectives and ROI goals.
We’ll deliver that plan with no hassle and no fuss, easy right?
Who Are WE?

We are pretty straight talking, we don’t talk in jargon and we’ll always give you the benefit of our experience. You aren’t hiring us to be yes men (or women) and if we don’t agree, we’ll tell you. You may not know it, but that is pretty refreshing from a marketing agency because most of them just want to keep you happy and not lose you as a client.

Based in Newquay, Cornwall, UK we are a group of dedicated and passionate marketeers who have come together to help companies of all sizes and genres fulfill their marketing goals and deliver a strong ROI on all campaigns. We have achieved thousands of top 3 results in search engines and we keep it simple by focusing on what we know works time and time again.

Kernow SEO

What We Do

Define The Strategy
We'll create a comprehensive and detailed SEO strategy based on your campaign objectives and desired ROI.
Keyword Research
There is no point ranking for terms nobody searches for, we'll research the best keywords for your campaign.
Technical Audit
We'll analyse your website from an SEO perspective and come up with a plan to make it more SEO friendly.
Content Marketing
Creating engaging content is a sure fire way to increase site traffic, keep people on your website and generate links.
Link Building
When somebody links to your website, it is like a vote for you from the person linking to you, this is an important part of SEO.
Monitor & Adapt
Algorithms and trends change quickly, we keep you ahead of the pack by constantly adapting as required by the search engines.