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A PR and communications company in Cornwall who focuses on generating press and broadcast coverage.
Public Relations Company In Cornwall
More Than 20 Years Public Relations Experience

A PR company is only as good as it’s network of contacts and with over 20 years experience working with media, broadcast, bloggers, social influencers and journalists, it is safe to say we know a person or two in the industry. Want to know the secret to getting good PR coverage? Make the journalists life easy, they are only human after all and we know how journalists think because we all have media and journalism backgrounds.

  • Planning & Strategy – A good PR campaign delivers strong results through good planning and a creative strategy. We’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.
  • Experience – When you have done the same thing day in day out for more than 20 years you get pretty good at it, you’ll be in safe hands.
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

In a single week Baked Bean got us featured in the Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, A BBC Breakfast Interview, an 8 minute long BBC News feature and on 4 large industry websites. Incredible!

Our current clients will happily tell you about their experiences with us. We’ll be glad to show you case studies and all of the great press coverage that we have achieved for hundreds of clients over the years.

PR Agency In Cornwall
How We Work

We like to keep things pretty simple here at Baked Bean Marketing and as such our sign up process is quick and painless. All our fee’s are set out clearly from the start so you know exactly what you’ll pay and we could have you up and running within a week. Get in touch to discuss your requirements, we’ll do the hard work from there.

We’ll listen to your business goals and create a plan to help you achieve these through PR.
We think big and aim big, so don’t be shy telling us what your dream publications are.
We’ll deliver that plan with no hassle and no fuss, easy right?
Who Are WE?

We are pretty straight talking, we don’t talk in jargon and we’ll always give you the benefit of our experience. You aren’t hiring us to be yes men (or women) and if we don’t agree, we’ll tell you. You may not know it, but that is pretty refreshing from a public relations (PR) agency because most of them just want to keep you happy and not lose you as a client.

Based in Newquay, Cornwall, UK we are a group of dedicated and passionate PR managers who have come together to help companies of all sizes and genres fulfill their public relations goals and deliver a strong ROI on all campaigns. We have achieved thousands of pieces of media coverage and we keep it simple by focusing on what we know works time and time again.

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