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An PPC company in Cornwall that will drive growth and focus on a positive ROI for your pay per click campaigns.
PPC Agency In Cornwall
Results Focused PPC Management

PPC campaigns are a great way to drive targeted, ready to buy customers directly to your website. You know they are ready to buy as they are actively looking for services such as your own when they enter their search term into the search engines, through a targeted Google Adwords campaign we can ensure these customers shop with you and not your competitors.

We focus on results-driven campaigns delivering a positive ROI with a strategy that is easy to understand:

  • We’ll use keyword research to find the search terms that people are actually searching for.
  • We’ll create ads to show in the search engines whenever anybody searches for the keywords we identified in the keyword research.
  • We carefully optimise how much we bid for each keyword based on how it performs. If a keyword is driving you lots of revenue and delivering a strong ROI, we’ll put more spend there. If a keyword isn’t performing, we’ll swap it out for something else. There’s a bit of trial and error to start with, but this is how we consistently optimise your campaign to ensure positive ROI.
Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
For every £1000 we spend on ad spend, Baked Bean Marketing make us £6000 in revenue back. As far as marketing goes, this is a no-brainer!

Our current clients will happily tell you about their experiences with us. We’ll be glad to show you case studies and all of the positive ROI campaigns we’ve achieved.  Get in touch to find out how we can start delivering the same results for your business.

PPC Cornwall Agency
PPC Company In Cornwall
How We Work

We like to keep things pretty simple here at Baked Bean Marketing and as such our sign up process is quick and painless.

All our fee’s are set out clearly from the start so you know exactly what you’ll pay and we could have you up and running within a week.

We’ll research the keywords that will drive new customers.
We create ads to show when people search for these keywords.
We’ll constantly monitor and adapt your campaign for continuous improvement.
Who Are WE?

We are pretty straight talking, we don’t talk in jargon and we’ll always give you the benefit of our experience. You aren’t hiring us to be yes men (or women) and if we don’t agree, we’ll tell you. You may not know it, but that is pretty refreshing from a marketing agency because most of them just want to keep you happy and not lose you as a client.

Based in Newquay, Cornwall, UK we are a group of dedicated and passionate marketeers who have come together to help companies of all sizes and genres fulfill their marketing goals and deliver a strong ROI on all campaigns. We have hundreds of positive ROI PPC campaigns to our name and we keep it simple by focusing on what we know works time and time again.

Pay Per Click In Cornwall

OUR PAID SEARCH campaigns Include

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