About Us

A creative full service marketing agency with a focus on delivering campaigns with a strong ROI.
About Baked Bean Marketing Company
We Created An Agency Because We Knew You Wanted Campaigns That Deliver A Strong ROI Without The Technical Jargon & Fluff.

We are pretty straight talking, we don’t talk in jargon and we’ll always give you the benefit of our experience when there are tough decisions to be made. You aren’t hiring us to be yes men (or women) and if we don’t agree, we’ll tell you. You may not know it, but that is pretty refreshing from a marketing agency because most of them just want to keep you happy and not lose you as a client.

Our Approach
Our aim quite simply is to deliver campaigns that deliver a strong ROI against the agreed campaign objectives.

If we are running a SEO campaign for you then you are going to want to appear higher in the search engines for agreed keywords aren’t you? If we run a PPC campaign for you then you are going to want to drive traffic to your website that generates a positive ROI. If we manage social media for you then you are going to want us to engage current social followers and acquire new followers right?

It’s pretty straight forward, we agree up front what you are trying to achieve and then put all our years of experience together to create campaigns that will meet those objectives.

No hassle, no jargon, no fluff…. Just a great ROI that makes us all happy.

We’ll show you how to create campaigns that deliver a strong ROI and meet your campaign goals. ROI is our core objective, marketing is always measurable and we’ll always demonstrate results.
Who We Are
A Team Of Marketing Professionals Who Are All Top Of Our Game Across Core Marketing Channels

At Baked Bean Marketing Company we only offer services where our in-house talent really is a leader of the pack in their core marketing field.

Our head of search marketing has 19 years’ experience and has been working in search marketing since the day Google became a thing and we all headed out to learn SEO. No PPC back then… Remember those days when Google wasn’t just ads!

Our head of events is a former events director for the BBC and many leading travel companies. Our social media guru has generated over 20,000,000 additional social media followers for companies we work with since she joined our company.

To put it bluntly, we only offer services where we really know our in-house talent excels. We only hire the best people into our team who offer something above and beyond what we already have. This is so important to ensuring our core objective of delivering strong ROI against our clients campaign goals, we’re not guessing at what is going to work, we’re basing our opinions on many, many years’ experience.

A Safe Choice

When you hire experts who are really good at what they do, you gain from the benefit of their years of experience, you are in safe hands.

A Real Opinion

We won’t just tell you what you want to hear, we’ll give an honest voice with experienced opinions. We are not “Yes” people.

Full Service

We only offer services where our in-house talent is at the top of their game. We’re full service, but equal to (or better than) any dedicated agency.